“For our Partners, we are, and must always be, the guarantee of quality and process transparency for their products.” | UATRONIC

21 Jul 2021


Interview with Bruno Vidal, Managing Partner of the company UATRÓNICA.


  1. UATRÓNICA was founded in 1996 and is now 25 years old. How do you describe this growth and going through various stages of “age”?

Uartrónica was founded in 1996 with the mission of producing and testing electronic systems, cabling, provision of specialized services and equipment repairs.
Initially more focused on the provision of services in the telecommunications sector, however it was from 2007 onwards that Uartrónica decided to capitalize on all the “know-how” acquired and consolidated over all these years, and proceeded to create its first unit industrial, with small productions and few customers, we are going through a phase of affirmation and consolidation in the electronics market, culminating in the need, in 2009, to expand and change facilities, were the first steps in an arduous path towards becoming an EMS . As a result of the continuous improvement in the automation of the SMD production line and the commitment to ISO 9001 certification, which today appears to us as something so commonplace, it was at the time a giant step in building the company we are today. As a result, in 2011 we were once again “forced” to expand our facilities, moving to a new industrial unit in Mamodeiro.

During 2012 and 2013, new high-speed SMD production lines were installed and we certified our QMS in accordance with the requirements of the Automotive Industry, which allowed us to continue to grow and raise new projects and challenges. At this level and with the technical capacity to respond to any market challenge, we took the last step and in 2015 we moved to the current manufacturing unit building a Portuguese EMS capable of competing with any electronics industrialist in the global market. It is fascinating to see not only the company's evolution, but also the people who accompany this evolution and in each new challenge at each new level conquered, they also showed that they are capable of improving and creating added value, with a huge commitment to the project. This is the secret for this “step-by-step” strategy to have resulted in a reference EMS.

Since then, we have been consolidating our position as a national and international reference in this market.


  1. They are essentially focused on specialized services for the Automotive and Telecommunications Industry. However, can you describe, specifically, what is the core of UATRÓNICA? 

Uartrónica is a company dedicated to providing services in the area of electronics production (EMS), regardless of the destination of the incorporation of this electronics!

We currently have a great “know-how”, obtained through intense experience in the production of new technologies, experience obtained and consolidated through a close proximity with our Customers, many of whom present themselves as great global “players” in the sector, which has allowed us to learn, grow and evolve, within the most demanding standards in the sector.


  1. In 2015 they changed premises. What led you to this change?

At the end of 2015, we moved to new facilities, located in the Mamodeiro Industrial Zone in Aveiro and where we are today.

This change allowed us to take the next step in the construction of a business model that would allow us to conquer new Clients and projects, larger and more demanding, both in terms of the required means and in terms of assured requirements.

We had reached an “impasse”, consolidating the technological maturity that we had as an electronics service provider or, taking a risk and training ourselves to be a viable alternative to large companies and multinationals in the sector.

The decision was to go ahead, even more, at a time when the opportunity arose to enter the market for the production of active components of the automotive industry, a typically “restricted” market niche and of which UATRÓNICA is proud to be a part today. .


  1. What certifications do you have as a company and what advantages are given to you?

Quality has always been one of the pillars of Uartrónica, always focusing on the strategy of continuous improvement.

In this sense, the company already has a long history associated with our Quality Management System, already having several certifications.

Our journey began in 2010, with the implementation of our QMS, and certification in the ISO9001 Standard. From that date until today, Uartrónica has also been certified in the IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001 Standards.

In addition to the aforementioned Standards, Uartrónica also has an IPC Trainer in IPC-A-610 and IPC-7711/7721, which allows us to train other and new Employees in the respective Standards.

All these certifications allow us to guarantee a highly qualified team, which works daily to guarantee quality and performance control, resulting in the constant review of results and consequently adjustment of objectives and indicators, translating into practice, in the rigor and in the quality of the our product and our services.


  1. In the Industrialization sector, how can companies count on your support?

For our Partners, we are and must always be, the guarantee of quality and process transparency for their products.

In addition to the fact that all our technology and available know-how, allow us to industrialize and manufacture electronic products with the guarantee of the highest quality, we are a business partner with reliability and proven in the market, this is because our doors are always open to the Customer at any time.

We work in a totally open and transparent way, every day the Team believes it will be better than the day before and the Customer first. This motto has created a “brand image” that we believe has been our calling card in the eyes of the industry.

We also guarantee, in a very close way, support for the entire process of developing products and solutions, with the objective of their future industrialization.


  1. And in terms of production?

 We privilege flexibility and that is why we can guarantee different frameworks, from “turnkey” solutions, to only supplying intermediate processes and services.

Our services range from the analysis and acquisition of raw materials, followed by SMT and THT production, and then all other complementary services. (coating, depaneling, etc.), ICT, FCT and EOL tests, until the final assembly in box and packaging.


  1. And by the way, within the scope of Planning and logistics?

We carry out all production planning and logistics management processes, which include quotation processes (procurement), acquisition, reception, control and storage of materials, always complying with all the required requirements (ESD, MSD, Humidity and temperature, etc).

The constant search for valid alternative solutions, to reduce material and logistical costs, are also one of our values that Customers can count on.


  1. What is the biggest difficulty felt by customers who come to you? How can they respond to and overcome these difficulties?

Electronics is increasingly seen as a "commodity" and therefore one of the growing requirements of our Partners is the fact that they increasingly require a "turnkey" solution, that is, they do not just want a part of the assembly process of your product, but the delivery of your product complete and ready for installation!

As previously mentioned, Uartrónica provides “turnkey” solutions, not only because of its state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, but above all because of our “know-how” and the strong commitment of a group of highly specialized and motivated professionals, capable of to respond with distinction, quickly and effectively to the challenges that come our way.

We are a young, qualified and proactive team that treads the path of innovation and continuous improvement, pursuing excellence, always with the aim of anticipating difficulties and advising the Customer in the industrialization phase of their product, with a view to a better product. Guaranteed that the better our Customer's product is, the better it will be for Uartrónica!


  1. UATRÓNICA is the “ideal partner”. Because?

Uartrónica intends to be in this market as a Portuguese SME, capable of guaranteeing to its Partners all the requirements and all the demands of a large multinational EMS, but always with the proximity, pro-activity, flexibility and spirit of partnership of a small EMS!


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