Rangel | Sponsor of the Automotive Summit

27 Oct 2022

Rangel, a company founded in 1980, is a global logistics partner with worldwide coverage, offering the most efficient solutions for each client, type of cargo, or industry through a wide range of integrated transportation and logistics services.

With a direct presence in eight countries and a global network of partners, it offers a portfolio of specialized services in logistics, land, sea, and air transportation, warehousing, physical distribution, express courier, customs formalities, trade shows, exhibitions, and art handling.

Rangel's internationalization began in 2007 with the opening of a branch in Angola, followed by Mozambique in 2011, Brazil in 2013, Cape Verde in 2015, and in 2020, Mexico and South Africa. In 2021, it expanded to Zambia, thereby creating a logistics triangle between the Americas, Africa, and Europe.

The main asset is its people, with a multinational team of 2,300 employees, positioning itself as a Learning Organization with a focus on learning and continuous improvement

In 2021, Rangel recorded a turnover of €217 million with 386,500 square meters of logistics space.

The Automotive Industry in Portugal

We believe that the Automotive Industry sector plays a significant role in the Portuguese economy, currently being one of the major contributors to job creation, wealth, and technological innovation in Portugal.

We are aware of the transformation that this sector is undergoing, due to new technologies that emerge both on a global scale and within the specific industry. This is causing direct consequences for production processes, human capital, and inventory management. Moreover, the industry's own trends necessitate transformation and adaptation in response to market practices. Given that the manufacturing and assembly of a car is a highly complex process, we believe that the exchange of information and cooperation between the logistics operator and the industry should be frequent and is at the core of both customer and company success.

Trends in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is undergoing significant transformations, as are many others, primarily driven by technological advancements and changes in social behavior.

With regard to technological advancements, we highlight the growing trend towards electric vehicles. We believe that logistics services will need to develop information management capabilities to complement this sector. Another key point is e-commerce, where automotive manufacturers are changing the traditional supply chain by moving towards online sales and home delivery of vehicles.

At the level of behavioral changes, there is a clear reflection on Generation Z, the first generation to be born and raised in a technological world. As a result, their consumption habits are entirely different from previous generations. An example of this is car-sharing or the use of third-party vehicles (Uber, Cabify), instead of opting to purchase their own vehicle. Also, due to the increasingly evident effects of pollution and its impact on climate change, many cities prohibit the entry of automobiles, prompting the population to use alternative means of transportation such as bicycles or walking, for instance.

In response to these challenges in the automotive industry, Rangel develops customized transportation and logistics projects for its clients, incorporating their specific needs and requirements through: A single point of contact Information systems tailored to logistics processes A range of integrated logistics services (international transportation, national distribution, and time-critical and just-in-time solutions) Custom project development A team of specialists in the automotive industry Process certification A Lean culture and ongoing implementation of continuous improvement projects.

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