Bruno Borges

[ CEO at S4Metro - Solutions for Metrology ]

He is one of the current CEOs of the company S4Metro – Solutions for Metrology, a service provider and representative of Software & Equipment in the Industrial Metrology area, existing since 2011. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, he is responsible for the Commercial Department at S4Metro, Management inherent to the position of CEO. He is also a specialist in Dimensional Control and Inverse Engineering, two of S4Metro's business areas.

It has Accreditation and Certification by the German entity AUKOM, which allows it to provide Training in Metrology AUKOM Level I and II, a standard for the Automotive and Aeronautical Industry.

On a personal level, in his spare time, he enjoys traveling, playing football and spending quality time with his family and friends. He likes technology and is passionate about motorsports.

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